Why choose us?

We do not need to control your money. Instead, we provide help and support for you to make better decisions. You don't have to commit to long-term fees and costs. And we aren't tied to any super fund or insurance company or large financial group. We're continuously dealing with Industry Super Funds, Government super, Self-Managed Super Funds or retail funds. Investment through shares, managed funds or ETF's. Insurance comparisons - in and out of super. Help with your budgeting and our financial app to make it so much easier. We're even happy to provide 'second opinions'. In fact, it's an essential element of our Service Cube concept, where we help you tailor the level of advice and support you need according to your own knowledge, training and experience. Our services aren't free - but we know cost counts, and we'll work with your to focus on the outcomes you want, and do our best to not waste your time with things you don't. But you knew we were going to say all of that, didn't you? Anyone can say these things but not everyone can deliver. Call us and make a time to sit with an Advisor and see what we can do for you.