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Our Mission Statement…

To make and protect money for clients while building a sustainable business honestly, ethically and justly.



Selecting a financial adviser that suits you can be challenging – financial advisers and the range of services they offer can vary greatly. It’s not easy, and it’s a very personal choice so we suggest a good place to start is the Financial Planning Association website : www.fpa.asn.au. or the ASIC-operated website : www.moneysmart.gov.au .

Appropriate advice tailored to you is our paramount objective. Tell us your financial dreams and aspirations and let your adviser work with you to establish where you would like our help.

We do not require you to be wealthy, and we will be open and honest about whether our services are likely to suit your needs. You are paying us for a service, and on the basis of the services and advice we provide to you, we want you to want to refer us to others who would benefit from what we do. It’s that simple.

Here’s a simple idea – tell us what you don’t like about your current financial situation, and leave us to work out a range of solutions to make things better.

If our recommendations include purchasing investment, insurance or superannuation accounts then again, your individual objectives will drive our research and consideration of products. There is no requirement that you choose what we have recommended. We are quite happy to provide a second opinion on your situation if you have already received advice or to simply chat through your own strategies and objectives. You’ll be charged an hourly rate for your adviser’s time and the background services required to meet your needs.

Our advisers continuously share ideas to bring a wide range of expertise into play. Your planner’s recommendations are based on that shared business philosophy – whether it be investment styles, wealth creation strategies, estate planning or insurance directions. Your adviser can and will, call on this experience at any time to help determine the best approach to your individual situation, strategies and outcomes.

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