Financial planning – What we need from you

Financial Planning Perth what we need from you


To enable us to provide our services effectively and efficiently you will need to advise us of relevant information including:

  • Your personal circumstances – your family, work, income and asset position.
  • Financial and life goals
  • Financial objectives (if you’re unsure, we can help you)
  • Your estate planning thoughts, ideas, preferences and existing paperwork
  • What brought you to us?
  • The outcome you are wanting to achieve from accessing our services
  • What you want us to do, and what you are willing to do yourself

For most superannuation, insurance and investment accounts appropriate research will require more detail, in which case we will usually ask for authorisation to contact your product and account providers direct. This can help reduce your time spent tracking down specific paperwork and statements.

Our task is to collate the data, analyse, research and consider potential strategies then make recommendations appropriate to the advice you are seeking our help with.

We will then meet with you to discuss those recommendations. Your task is to ensure we have answered the actual questions you were seeking help with, and to highlight any further work that may be required.

Our business is based on long term relationships – so we will be asking you to help plan how we will work together into the future, and if not, whether you are happy to refer us to others who would benefit from our services and advice.

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