Financial planning – What we offer


Our advisers offer straight forward, single-issue advice right through to sophisticated long term objectives-based planning packages, at a range of prices that can be tailored to the financial advice that you need, and want.

We also understand that needs can and do change over time. We therefore offer the flexibility to change the services you access and the fees you pay, as your circumstances change over time.

Our Senior Advisers are highly experienced investment professionals, who share in the ownership of the business so they have a direct interest in ensuring our clients receive appropriate advice, and that the advice represents value for money. Your Senior Adviser can assist with even the most complex financial situations or strategies, and will liaise with other professional advisers to achieve your planned objectives.

If you have more modest needs or are seeking advice on a single issue or product then we provide access to Accredited Advisers at competitive rates, yet you will retain the personal touch that our boutique operation offers.

Through us you will have access to a number of advisers. Our advisers hold shared views on financial planning, investments and strategies, and all are committed to professional advice for the long term.

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