Financial Planning – Implementation Fees

This is the cost to establish investments, superannuation or insurance accounts on your behalf. The specific figures for any recommendations made to you will be set out in a relevant Statement of Advice.

Implementing Recommendations

Where our planners have made recommendations and you have asked for those recommendations to be put in place, a fee is charged for implementing the accounts involved. The specific fee charged will determine the type and level of fee charged. The broad fees charged under different type of accounts and services are shown below. As always, if you have a question in regards to financial planning fees, please see your planner.

The government website operated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (“ASIC”) called MoneySmart, includes information and examples of financial planning fees. A link to the site can be found here.

An overview of the fees you can expect from your financial planner for implementation services is shown below:

Investment / Superannuation accounts

  • 1.1% of investment
  • Subject to a minimum fee of $1,100
  • Advice & Service Plan concessional rate of 0.99% with a minimum fee of $550 and a maximum of $5,500.


  • Commission or Brokerage
  • Paid to us by the insurance company directly
  • The commission will usually be based on the policy premium
  • Commission generally ranges from 25% to 125% of the premium
  • Where the commission is not paid, we will invoice for our costs

Supplementary Services – advice relating to:

Advice in these areas is charged on an hourly rate basis

  • Cashflow planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Trust and company accounts
  • Investment lending
  • Business succession planning insurances

Hourly Rates if using Ongoing Advice & Service Plans

  • Senior Planner
    • $330 per hour
  • Accredited Adviser
    • $220 per hour
  • Administrative Assistant
    • $85 per hour

Hourly rate if not under an Advice & Service Plan

  • $550 per hour
  • “All-in” Senior Planner advice and administration cost
  • Excludes Statement of Advice and Implementation Fees

* Fees are inclusive of GST

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