Financial Planning – Statement of Advice Fees

The cost of preparing the Statement of Advice is a reflection of the number of recommendations being made, the complexity of the strategies being investigated, and the time involved in researching options, as well as preparing, collating and verifying the document itself.

Set out below is an overview of the fees that will be charged for different types of financial planning Statements of Advice. Your adviser will help identify which is appropriate to your planning requirements, and can assist with clarifying any additional issues on the document preparation, the advice process or the associated fees.

Preparation Costs

  • Single product/issue advice
    • $825
    • Insurance for a specific need
    • Investment
    • Superannuation rollover


  • Multiple product/issue advice
    • $1,650
    • SMSF Investment Strategy
    • Superannuation and insurance


  • Strategy statement
    • $3,300
    • Estate Planning review
    • Tailored Investment Strategy
    • Gearing strategy statement


  • Full Financial Plan
    • $7,480
    • A complete review of your current position
    • A discussion on multiple strategy alternatives
    • Complete asset allocation tailoring, where appropriate


  • Self-managed super fund advice when setting up a new fund
    • $5,500
    • Costs rise with complexity

* Fees are inclusive of GST

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