Happy New Year for 2016!

As the 2015 holiday season draws to a close, it’s time to pause to consider what 2016 may bring.

The world of financial planning has been a world of continuous change over the past 5 years, with no indication that things will be different in the years ahead. With change comes opportunity, and our financial planners are keen to apply their expertise and experience to help you deal with whatever 2016 may bring.

We’ll update you over the coming months with the investment and economic thoughts of various experts from different corners of the financial world. Our advisers are continuously receiving updates from fund managers, analysts, research houses and mainstream media – and a number of clients have commented that they appreciate our advisers using their experience to help sort out useful information from day-to-day “noise”. With investments, savings and superannuation, it is often helpful to see how opinions on different strategies can vary across the industry. It not only helps to reduce being blinkered by the bias of any particular group but also helps to tap into the knowledge and expertise of a wider range of people who will help to cover more of the possible outcomes in a volatile world. However, we are also aware that our clients hold widely divergent views on how much information is “enough” – so please feel free to comment on what you see or to ask for specific points to be covered. Where possible, we’ll try to accommodate your preferences.

To help kick off your 2016 financial planning, here’s a link to an article published by one of our planners – Michael O’Hara – on his Michael’s Musings website blog.

prosperous 2016 perth financial planning photo via unsplash by jordan mcqueen
Link for a quick Financial Health Checkup post from www.michaelsmusings.com.au [image:Jordan McQueen via unsplash.com]
For those who use Facebook – you can keep up to date with Michael’s blog posts at www.facebook.com/musingwithmichael/ as well as Streamline’s own Facebook page that can be found here www.facebook.com/wspgroup/.

We look forward to seeing you in 2016!


Quick notes :

Our planners operate under two business names : Wealth & Security Planners, and Streamline Financial Planning.


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