Financial Planning – Do It Yourself planning service



Your ongoing retainer engages

 the services of an adviser

as your personal financial guide.

Their role

is to provide support and feedback

on progress towards

the financial milestones

that are important

to you.




In addition to immediate financial planning advice, we offer longer term clients the ability to retain an adviser to target your key personal objectives, with appropriate progress meetings helping to identify when services should be added or changed. The retainer service opens to you our full range of adviser skills and assistance in all things financial. It’s not based on a bulked-up set of reports and newsletters you’ll never read – it’s based on personal service and the benefits that flow from dealing with an individual who knows your financial position and is acutely aware of your financial dreams and aspirations.


What your Ongoing Retainer Service achieves

Financial planning advice is rarely a reaction to a single event. It is usually a case of working towards an objective, altering and changing strategies, products and services as required.

The retainer service has been developed to meet the needs of people striving to take control of  their financial world, and in a manner that reflects their personal objectives – whether that be wealth accumulation, risk management, cash-flow monitoring, debt structuring or highly specialised superannuation activity.


Why use an Ongoing Retainer Service?

Our experience tells us that job and career changes can impact significantly on your long term plans. Similarly, changing family circumstances can come and go without triggering a thought to the review of your previous short, medium and long term plans. The retainer service will trigger you to select the triggers to ensure you remain focused on your goals.

By allocating fixed review points and guideposts for keeping on track through time, you can best adapt to changing economic environments and financial circumstances.

Your personal ongoing retainer service will allow for the reviewing of your original goals, while leaving open just when and how you want any reviews established. Your planner will be happy to provide you with a personal quote, and to discuss any limitations that may apply, as well as any additional services that may be available to you.

We are proud of the relationships we have built over the years with our clients, where ongoing financial planning and account administration help clients achieve a sense of ownership and control of their financial future.

While research and investigation can help provide recommendations for a series of individual watershed moments over time, it has been our experience that the most appropriate results are achieved through a strong long-term relationship with an adviser who is familiar with your financial history, and who can be kept abreast of your ever-changing ambitions for lifestyle, family and social relationships.

The ongoing retainer services revolve around this concept of long term planning relationships, supplemented by a core of administration processes to get the job done.


Do-It-Yourself Service & Review Package

The Do-It-Yourself Service & Review Package aims to provide a low-cost and on-going process that helps you maintain a long-term relationship with a financial planner, even though you may not require regular advice, services or updates. As you may have noted, the name excludes the word “advice” on the basis that this is a basic service package that assumes no mandatory advice component. It can be updated to one of our full service packages as your circumstances, preferences and financial aims change.



Our experience suggests that many people would like to engage the services of a financial planner – but they don’t necessarily want the full range of services available. By keeping your advice file up-to-date, and through ongoing contact with your planner, you can maintain a longer term relationship but on your terms. When you are wanting specific advice or service then your file is already established, and the planning can get started quicker and more efficiently that would otherwise be the case.


Ready to start planning?

Keen to get started on your financial planning? Here’s a link to information to help you get started today.



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