Self-Managed Super Fund Advice Services

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Our premium service package.


The Premium Target Advice Plan is a Private Client service that suits those individuals and couples who are likely to have complex needs and have multiple objectives across different areas of their lifestyle, finances and family. In our experience, these objectives will be subject to regular change, often involving review of a range of options and the package is set up to deliver outcomes which reflect and manage those changes.

Review Process

Your advancement against agreed objectives will be formally updated through half-yearly progress and update meetings. In most cases these will be face-to-face but time and circumstances may require telephone or video link-ups. Regardless of the circumstances, your Premium Target Advice Plan will address variations from previous progress and update meetings, as well as setting out guideposts and benchmarks to plan to meet your objectives, even in the face of ever-changing circumstances.

Monitoring and Maintenance

You will receive online access to key details of the accounts we operate for yo so your overall position is available and visible to you.l We will use exception reporting to highlight deviations from agreed objective pathways and to notify you of mid-course corrections that may be required.

Market and Money Updates

Your Premium Target Advice Plan will provide financial updates, market commentary and legislative overviews as required for your personal objectives, as well as unique access to all Senior Advisers of Wealth & Security Planners. The aim is to reduce unnecessary “noise”, increase your access to the right information at the right time, and to allow you to obtain direct input from a number of sources to help cope with ever-changing circumstances and market environments.

Adviser Role

Your dedicated Senior Adviser will be your financial strategist. Their task is to guide you through the decision process tree to identify the strategies required to achieve your multiple objectives. They will liaise with your other professional advisers to ensure your overall plans remain tightly outcome focused.

Your support team role

Your support team will facilitate the agreed action plans established with your dedicated Senior Adviser. Their task is to liaise with institutions and transaction portals to smooth the delivery of account services, and to reduce your associated paperwork load so you can focus on the more important long term objectives. Their task is to leave you free of day-to-day portfolio and account issues so you can get on with driving the lifestyle outcomes you want.

Your role

The Premium Target Advice Plan involves a high level of communication with your dedicated Senior Adviser. As the package is objective based, your role will be to advise of any changes to the objectives or the personal, financial or family inputs that those objectives were based on.

At all times, you are in charge of your financial position. Our role is to be your financial guide and a sounding board for sharing thoughts, making plans and challenging ideas.

Our Premium package is designed to facilitate delivery of outcomes – whether they be based on wealth protection, acquisition, accumulation, depletion or distribution. As a Private Client our expertise, systems and knowledge are at your disposal.

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