Your Money, Your Plan

With help when you need it, from our Financial Advisors

Who is this plan best suited for?

Financial Planning for those who want to take control of their finances – but want the option of advice from a professional Financial Planner, as and when they choose.

Why adopt our Bronze service level access to your financial planning services?

  • Your financial position available online, 24 hours a day
  • Daily updates of your bank accounts, super balances and investments (where available)
  • Your home and vehicles market values
  • Investment property market values (assuming you have a property portfolio). And if you don’t already have a property portfolio, add that as one of your objectives!
  • Track your spending – if you’re keen, set up a budget and track your progress

WSP Group’s Bronze Service Level – a cost-effective way of maintaining a financial advisor relationship in today’s busy world. With the Bronze Service Level, your Advisor can more rapidly respond to your queries and questions, and all through a secure online and mobile portal. 

The Bronze Service Level is suited to those who want to DIY, as well as those who would like to maintain a relationship with an advisor even though they may only ask for personal financial advice on an irregular basis. The benefit of the Bronze Service Level is that financial planning services can be provided as and when you want them. 

And access to our administrative support team, for help when you want it. Real people, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Keeping on track

The key to this plan is staying in control. You decide what level of budgeting to aim for. You decide how often you’ll track your progress. And you decide when you want to take the next step, and get help from one of our Administrative Assistants. Should you decide you need more personal financial advice and direction, you will be allocated a personal financial planner for the services you want. Don’t worry – you won’t be charged, until you have agreed to your adviser services and relevant fees.

Your financial app and portal will track your progress over time, and your Administrative Assistants can help with general questions.

Monitoring and Maintenance

The Do-It-Yourself plan app is linked to our business. That means you quickly update your details as they change. Changing addresses is a major reason people miss important communications from their super funds and investment accounts. Use the plan to keep all your financial information in an easy-to-access online format.

Market and Money Updates

There is a huge amount of information available for money and markets today. Most of it is just ‘noise’ and a distraction from your own goals and ambitions. We will provide ongoing updates for key financial markets as well as thoughts and ideas for improving your financial position. And all in the palm of your hand.

Your support team role

The Do-It-Yourself plan includes up to three hours a year of support team time. Their task is to help you with those irritating super and insurance account issues so you can get on with driving the lifestyle outcomes you want.

Adviser Role

This is a Do-It-Yourself plan – so there is no expectation that you will want personal financial advice. Every now and then though, you’re likely to need some professional input or help.

Our advisers can be seen as “coaches”. Their task is to help you where and when you need it. Cost is important, so a key role of your adviser is to clarify just what advice you might need – this is called “scoping” and is an important part of the professional adviser role. Your adviser will set out the likely fees and costs for the help you want.

Your role

At all times, you are in charge of your financial position. Our support team role is to help you navigate insurance, super and investment account administration. It seems so easy, doesn’t it? And it usually is – right up until the time you need to sit on the phone for an hour to be told nothing useful. Our support team are in daily contact with super funds, insurance companies and investment manager call-centres. They are there to help you help yourself. It’s your money, it’s your financial world. Our role is to help you stay in control.

What’s the cost?

There are a few financial mobile apps in the marketplace. Some are better than others. We have partnered with the team at MyProsperity, to combine their financial app expertise with our financial administration and advice services. The Do-It-Yourself plan leap-frogs you into our Bronze financial services status for a monthly fee of $55.

You can stop the fee at any time, subject to 30 days notice. If you choose to do so, your financial app information will still be available. You can still communicate with us and restart your plan whenever you want. if you want to upgrade to a full financial advice service, we can transfer your information to help reduce the costs of setting up a full financial plan.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, contact us today.

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