Financial Planning Step 4 – Implementation Service



An Important Note

There is no obligation for you to ask us to implement any recommendations that we may make. Some people prefer to implement their own strategies, while others prefer to leave it to our staff and advisers to ensure accounts and strategies are implemented. The choice is yours.

Our Implementation Service

Should you wish to have us implement the recommendations in the Statement of Advice prepared for you then we would provide the following services:

  1. Project management for establishing any accounts and/or strategies
    • This involves establishing implementation schedules, time benchmarks and diary notes to ensure the progress of your work can be monitored and reported upon.
  2. Assistance to complete any appropriate insurance, investment, superannuation or product applications
  3. Copying of those applications for records purposes and submit to any relevant institutions
  4. Liaison with the institutions for additional requirements
    • For insurance especially, these requirements can be time consuming and extensive. Where possible, we will seek to make this as convenient and straight-forward for you as we can.
  5. Dealing with the inevitable process issues that arise when dealing with large institutions
  6. Maintenance of a record of cashflows and payments required to implement the recommendations
  7. Professional services liaison with your Accountant, legal representative and other professional advisers as required
  8. Quality assurance checking to ensure that you end up with the products and services included in the recommendations that have been agreed to.


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