Current Situation

Sometimes the basic information requirements will be simple but for some advice more comprehensive material may be required. Examples of the sort of information that you may be asked to provide include:


  • Details on your home
  • Contents insurance details
  • Cars, trailers, boats or motor vehicle details
  • Collectibles
  • Cash accounts
  • Term Deposits
  • Investment properties
  • Shares
  • Investment Accounts
  • Superannuation
  • Business interests


  • Mortgage details
  • Line of credit or investment loan details
  • Business overdrafts
  • Car, boat or vehicle Hire Purchase, leases or loans
  • Credit cards
  • Tax debts
  • Family debts
  • Guarantees or pre-commitments


  • Copies of payslips
  • Tax returns or assessment notices
  • Rental property statements
  • Business income details


  • Mortgage
  • Household expenses or budget
  • Holiday or savings allocations
  • Loans, liabilities or obligations that must be met
  • Investment property costs and expenses
  • Professional services and subscriptions
  • Insurances
  • Car and vehicle maintenance, repairs, registration and insurance costs
  • Memberships and courses


  • Partnerships, family and unit trusts or companies
  • Self employment or employment details

Personal and Family

  • Health
  • Relationship issues which impact on your financially
  • Copies of your will
  • Copies of powers of attorney granted or held
  • Copies of guardianships or health directives

What if I don’t want to provide the detail requested?

You are not required to provide the information that is asked for. However, if you do not then your adviser may inform you that they are unable to provide you with answers that would be suitable to you. Alternatively, if you proceed without providing all the relevant material linked to the advice being provided then if the advice turns out to be wrong or inappropriate, you will have limited redress against your adviser.

The level of information required will depend entirely upon the depth and nature of the advice you require.

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