WSP Financial app and portal

WSP, Streamline Financial Planning, and Advice4me have teamed with MyProsperity to provide clients with a modern, convenient and cost-effective mobile app and desktop portal.

The MyProsperity app and portal help clients keep up-to-date with their overall financial position, as well as making it easier to obtain help from WSP’s financial advisers and staff.

Watch the video below for an overview of how the app can work for you.


In today’s electronic world, ease-of-access must always be balanced with security. The documents below provide additional detail on the security behind the MyProsperity system.

  • MyProsperity Security Overview
  • MyProsperity ISO certificate
  • Yodlee* Security Frequently Asked Questions 5.0

‘* “Yodlee” is the underlying data provider whose information drives the functionality of the MyProsperity app.

All of your financial planning in one place

WSP’s financial app and portal allows you to enter your home, your vehicles, your loans, investments and super accounts so you no longer have to keep spreadsheets or paper trails of expenses and income. You can store information on personal lifestyle assets, investments, super, pensions and important documents on the app, to be available to you 24 hours a day.

A direct link to your financial adviser

The financial app will help speed up service from your financial adviser. One of the key requirements before an adviser can provide help and answer questions, is the “know your client” rule. The adviser must ensure they know enough about your financial position to be certain of any advice they provide. Having your overall finances in one spot, and up-to-date, can help. The app can make a material difference to getting answers to your questions as and when you need them. It can also help your adviser ensure the answers are appropriate to your overall circumstances.

Free or Pro – it’s your choice

The app will provide you with valuations for:

  • Your home and investment properties – with values from RP Data
  • Your vehicles – from Redbook

Under the free app option, you establish your financial position and can use the app ongoing to liaise with your adviser and to help keep track of your finances.

Under the Pro option, you can enter your loan, investment and other accounts either manually or link them directly to the app. Accounts you link to the app will automatically refresh and keep track of your changing account balances.

The cost of the Pro option is $660 a year, which can be paid as a lump sum or through a monthly payment of $55. Whether you pay, and how you pay – it’s all your choice.

Email or phone for your financial app and portal

Setting up your app is easy. Just contact our offices on 6556 2900 or email